Tasty Sandwiches & Refreshing Beverages

The Turtle and The Bear Sandwich Shop in Felixstowe preparing great tasting sandwiches, cakes, coffee and snacks everyday. The owners have long been interested with refining the perfect sandwich shop. From locally sourced marinated and slow cooked chicken, to wholesome vegetarian options. The shop offers Felixstowe a fresh new option for food lovers with the perfect breakfast & lunch options.

BLT Sandwich Turtle and The Bear

Fresh Ingredients

We chop and prepare tasty local ingredients each morning, to give the ultimate fresh bite to your sandwich.

Healthy & Flavoursome

Our aim is to give our sandwiches, snacks and beverages a nutritious balance and mouthwatering experience that will leave our customers satisfied.

Locally Sourced

Venturing to local businesses, sourcing out the finest and sumptuous ingredients to support our community all the while never compromising on taste

Marinated & Slow Cooked Chicken

We believe the only way to fully enjoy chicken is slow roasting it perfectly from inside to out, allowing it to soak up all flavours in the cooking process, which is why our chicken is locally sourced, marinated and slow cooked.

Breakfast Specials

Freshly fried bacon, egg and sausage, hearty local brown and tomato sauce, not a problem. See our daily breakfast meal deals to add a delicious Paddy & Scotts coffee to kick start your day.

Lunch Specials

Can’t decide what to have, why not mix it up and try out our daily special, whilst picking up a lunchtime meal deal at the same time.

Vegetarian Options

“The Turtle” is our ultimate favourite vegetarian option and if that can’t tempt you why not mix and match from our wide variety of tasty options to create your perfect sandwich.

Gluten Free Options

In pursuit of a great gluten free sandwich, we’ve chosen a bread that’s firm enough to hold your favourite fillings, but still light and fluffy.

Find Us


The Turtle and The Bear
26B Beach Station Road
IP11 2EY

01394 278666

Opening Hours:

Monday: 10am–2pm
Tuesday: 10am–2pm
Wednesday: 10am–2pm
Thursday: 10am–2pm
Friday: 10am–2pm
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed